CSE Revue


The Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Revue is a large-scale live comedy sketch show held over a series of nights in September on the Kensington Campus of the University of New South Wales (UNSW). Produced and directed by members of the CSE Revue Society, an Arc affiliated society of over 300 members consisting of students from a wide range of faculties, the show serves a dual purpose as a reputable production highlighting the technical and creative talents of UNSW students and an opportunity for students to develop and extend their university experience.

The society was established in 2002 by Avishkar Misra, Naveed Hussain, Matthew Herrmann and other students with the support of the School of CSE and numerous industry sponsors. Student teams of cast, band, tech, design, costumes, scriptwriting, promotions and marketing were all involved in creating and staging the first CSE Revue. The show was a big success on campus, completely selling out all of its 5 shows.

Since then, the CSE Revue has gone on to redefine the meaning of the Revue experience; leaving audiences in awe of our special effects, stylised achievements in design and our commitment to continually innovate.

2018: CSE Revue 2018
Directors: Ryan Klugman, Arunav Neil Sarkar, Jathurson,
Producers: Andrew Ha, Samantha Chhoeu, Kira Xiang Chen,

2017: AVATAR: The last mackbook airbender
Directors: Justin Keevers, Sylvia Harmon-Jones,
Producers: Dennis Bunadi, Martin Le, Tiarne Lu,

2016: ST*R WARS: The Source Awakens
Directors: Rebecca Hurd, Sean A Metcalfe, Alexander Lawrence Maxwell Worsley,
Producers: Octavia Soegyono, Lucy Dinh, Adam Chyb,

2015: The Lego Revue
Directors: Pierre Estephan, Louis Samuels, Lucas Pickup,
Producers: Yingran Sun, Michael Yu,

2014: Game of Codes
Directors: Phillip Vankerkoerle, Luke Tsekouras, Matthew McEwen,
Producers: Vincent Tran, Samantha McGrath, Lauren Schramko,

2013: The Infringers
Directors: Maddison Joyce, Jigar Bhatt,
Producers: Stephen Sherratt, Jack Lazarus,

2012: Codebusters
Directors: Minh Diep, Timothy Wiley,
Producers: Kevin Alexander, Marcus Wong, Rebecca Wiley,

2011: Hack To the Future
Directors: Jake Scott, Matt Todd,
Producers: Ruth Mierowsky, Michael Truong, Amanda Watters,

2010: Pacman: The Dark Byte
Directors: Matthew Strahan, Videesha Saparamadu,
Producers: Sean Harris, Chung N Ho, Peter Milston,

2009: Gossip Geek
Directors: Som Guan, Sammy Ho,
Producers: Stuart Robinson, Melissa Hong, Stephanie Sandoval,

2008: CSE++ //Revue Goes Large
Directors: Rob Sison, Benjamin LambertSmith,
Producers: Ben Waterhouse, Emily Siow, Charissa Upcroft,

2007: Sand Theft Auto: Agrabah City
Directors: Sam Gentle, David Loxton,
Producers: Alison Voon, Jane Sivieng, Alex Mednis,

2006: The teXt Files: Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind
Directors: Michael Tokar, Nick Gibson,
Producers: Oleg Sushkov, Piyush Bedi, Anuraag Sridhar,

2005: Sin CSE
Directors: Matt James Lee, Robin Chow,
Producers: Daniel Danilatos, Karamvir Singh, Lily Xia,

2004: Star Key & Hash

2003: CSE Revue Reloaded

2002: Microsoft Minority Revue